The Women Will Carry your Bags

The Women Will Carry your Bags

Nuba Mountains, Sudan

Kakuma Refugee Camp

The Women Will Carry Your Bags!

A humbling Holy Thursday experience from the Nuba Mountains in Sudan

On the night of Passover, Jesus rose from the table, took a basin of water and began to wash the feet of his disciples.

2000 years later during the Holy Thursday liturgy, I washed the feet of 12 people here in the Nuba Mountains.

On Good Friday morning, I packed my bags and picked them up to go. “Father, these two women will carry your bags and will accompany you to the next village.” I objected, but they insisted. So off we went, four strong men leading the way, two grandmotherly looking women carrying my bags and me coming behind them with my walking stick.

As we were descending the mountain, it struck me. In the liturgy of Holy Thursday, I, the priest represent Christ the servant and washed the feet of the people.

But now, in real life, these two women represent Christ, the servants of the priest and of the people.

Why is it there is no connection between liturgy and life?

Peter Major mhm

Kakuma Refugee Camp

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