Tribute to Mill Hill Missionaries

Tribute to Mill Hill Missionaries

Sr. Feliza Tumangday, Mensa Domini General Superior


Sr. Feliza M. Tumangday, MSLT

Mensa Domini General Superior

1st May 2016 @ 18:30 Parish of Sta. Teresa de Avila

Casay, Anini-y, Antique

Good evening everyone!

On behalf of our congregation, The Missionary Sisters of the Lord’s Table/Mensa Domini, I would like to say, we are privileged to be invited and to grace your extraordinary celebration of 150 years of productive and successful missionary endeavour to love and to serve, AMARE ET SERVIRE, this is your sustaining power to your endless venture to go wherever you are most needed.

First, let me tell you, you are worth everyone’s admiration because of your par excellence missionary zeal.

Second, your Founder’s extraordinary dream is realised in your unique ordinary way of life.

Third, you are filled with Christ’s own love and service to mission globally.

Fourth, you are holy mystics and saints needless of honour whom else do we invite the same dream and purpose in life?

Our Founder, Bishop Henricus Cornelius de Wit, is a Mill Hill Missionary with co-founders: Fr. Ben Holthinrich, Fr. Harry Jansen and Fr. James Spruit. We are grateful that we are very much connected with you. The Mill Hill Sisters/Franciscan Missionaries of St. Joseph had been our first Formators and Mentors, what an extraordinary GIFT to us Mensa Domini Sisters! Let me quote Fr. Michael Corcoran, the General Superior of the Mill Hill Missionaries during his short visit to Mensa Domini during our Annual Assembly last 27th April 2016, “You are our sisters and we are you brothers”. What more can we ask for? We know well, you will always be with us and for us no matter what; this is beyond ordinary assurance that all is well between us and even between borders.

We are following your 150 years and your story will continue because you are so much a part of our story.

Let us Praise the Lord of the Table for the gift of extraordinary relationship with you, our dear Mill Hill Missionaries, our brothers and sisters!

Thank you and Good Evening once again! Go miles and be Happy!

Mabuhay ang mga Mill Hill Missionaries! (Long live the Mill Hill Missionaries!)

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