U.K.: Care Not Killing

U.K.: Care Not Killing

Care Not Killing is welcoming the creation of a new doctors’ group, which opposes assisted suicide and euthanasia and promotes better palliative care.

The group, ‘Our duty of care’ , has been set up following the announcement by the leadership of the Royal College of Physicians that they intend to adopt a neutral stance on ‘assisted dying’ – unless at least 60 per cent of doctors actively vote for the status quo.

Dr Gordon MacDonald, a spokesman for Care Not Killing commented: “We welcome the creation of this new campaign group, which understands the ethical and practical problems of changing the law on assisted suicide and euthanasia. They rightly recognise the dangers of normalising suicide and the pressure that many disabled and terminally ill people are under – the fear whether real or perceived of being a burden. This is what we see in the US and elsewhere. ”

Source: ICN

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