Upsurge of Violence in Kashmir, India

Upsurge of Violence in Kashmir, India


Kashmir and the Mill Hill Missionaries

The violent dispute over the Kashmir region that erupted at the time of Partition (1947) left the Mill Hill mission there in a state of disarray. Within a few years of the creation of the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir, however, the Mill Hill school had been reopened and the Sisters had resumed their medical apostolate. In Jammu, the winter capital of the former maharajah, a new Catholic colony came into being among the socially and economically deprived Punjabi population.

Further development of the Jammu & Kashmir mission required an increase of manpower, and since foreign missionaries could no longer hope for residential permits, Indian-born clergy had to be found. Capuchin priests from southern India began to arrive and became sufficiently numerous for the Mill Hill territory to be transferred to their care. The Mill Hillers who had spent almost the whole of their missionary lives in Kashmir remained in India to give further years of service to the Church as hospital chaplains and in the ministry of charismatic renewal.

Currently Fr James Borst mhm is the only Mill Hill missionary active in Kashmir.

Catholic Church comes to the aid of victims of violence in Kashmir. A UCANEWS report

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