Violence – A Plea

Violence – A Plea

Emmanuel Nuh Mbeh mhm


What a world, is the exclamation in many minds and hearts!
The overwhelming sense of insecurity in every country and city and heart –
One continues to wonder or suppress or lament how times are hard.

There are many names and growing nouns which when clicked on,
The synonymous visualisation is violence –
Think Xenophobia, Syria, Anglophone Cameroon, Terrorist attacks!

Think of many hearts, in fact, any heart not at peace but war!
Think of the conflicts that are not or cannot be resolved –
Genocides, tribal conflicts, interpersonal hatred – hearts at war.

Think of political messes, religious rivalries, mob justices, deadly antagonisms;
Think of ideological colonization, tyrannical relativism, hysterical subjectivism –

St Francis

What has Jesus of Nazareth brought? – as it's definitely not world peace and universal prosperity – asks Benedict XVI.
Why are the Universal Human Rights not universal at all – and torture and death deals a hand with no take on reconciliation, forgiveness and respect for human life.

The attacks never seem to be put to an end – one cannot take one's eyes off the Anglophone problem in Cameroon, or the xenophobic attacks and apartheid aftermath in South Africa and now it's London attacks, as if Brussels, Paris etc were not enough, not to mention ongoing genocides and mass killings around the world in many countries.

When will the bad news end and the sickening scenes of blood shed cease?

When will the Kingdom of Love, Peace, Justice, Mercy be ushered in?
When will the Prince of Peace come in or be given a chance to rule in every heart and tongue and nation?

Until that happens, this remains my daily song:
Look around you, can’t you see? Times are troubled, people grieve. See the violence, feel the hardness; all my people weep with me.
Walk among them, I'll go with you. Reach out to them, with my hands. Suffer with me, and together we will serve them, help them stand.
Forgive us Father; hear our prayer. We would walk with you anywhere, through your suffering, with forgiveness; take your life into the world.

Emmanuel N Mbeh mhm

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