Women of Necessity

Women of Necessity

A Poem by Madasi Kartheek

Women of Necessity

Happy Women’s Day (March 8)

Created God women (out) of necessity

But know not men the clarity

As i see everywhere the calamity

Raging on them causing difficulty

Men without women can exist not

But call them slut, whore &whatnot

Most of the women in adultery caught

But the men involved are never sought

All their efforts for some are naught

Eclipsing women for glory of men

Turning them into subaltern women

Marketising women for attraction

Assuming that they can’t take action

Thinking that men always win

Wish you not to know the goodness

Of women who struggle for rightness

Where shall you go to confirm

Look around there are many to inform

About the women of righteousness

Madasi Kartheek

1st Year Theology

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