World Sickle Cell Day

World Sickle Cell Day

Sickle cell anemia affects many Africans. June 19th is World Sickle Cell Day.  Emmanuel Nuh Mbeh composed a poem and two sound tracks for the occasion.

Turn off for: English
I’d heard vaguely about it!
It’s as traumatic and changeable a topic!
I lost a secondary school dear friend to it before he turned twenty three!
Then a Cameroonian pioneer and advocate died last October!
Mama Comfort Tembu in London!
She died of cancer but had lived in advocacy for sickle cell alleviation!
Then I was approached to compose a tribute for her!
CAMSICO – Cameroon sickle cell organization!
I gathered, mused and made melodious the need to:

Create awareness, grant medication, advocacy, research and care.

 Here is what I sang and savoured:
“Your legacy CAMSICO Mama Comfort”.
“An initiative of love, CAMSICO”.
For some strange coincidence MHM and CAMSICO intersect “To love and to serve” and on the 19th of June.
Enjoy the lyrics, the unprecedented coincidence, the initiatives of love!
(Emmanuel Nuh Mbeh mhm)


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