World Youth Day Diary

World Youth Day Diary

Fr James D. Fanning

Fr Jim Fanning with Youth Light members

Well after four hours of sleep I was up and headed for the local church for a few quiet moments of prayer. The Church of our Lady Queen of Poland was the first consecrated by the young Archbishop Wojtyla who became Pope John Paul. But the place of silence was full with earsplitting singing from the groups from Hartford Connecticut. They were doing a lead-in for the English catechesis given by Archbishop Christopher from Canberra in Australia.

Bishops are giving the catechesis on mercy today. It was so good. He is a youngish Archbishop and took the gospel of Jesus' appearance to Mary Magdalene.

The big Ghanian group was also there sitting humbly with their bishop in the benches.

Archbishop Christopher is a wonderful communicator embellishing his talk with images taken from Australia: the forty million kangaroos in his diocese and the big soaring eagles which glide so majestically. Across the plains. Do not touch me because the Lord has much more to offer when he goes to the Father. He wants us to soar like eagles.

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