World Youth Day

World Youth Day

Diary Fr James D. Fanning mhm

The Ryanair flight from Liverpool to Kraków got in ahead of time. I began to feel the Polish world already in the waiting lounge as I stood in the queue and heard the swishing and shuffling of the polish language around me- and over there in the line was a youngish looking priest dressed in a bluish cassock praying his beads with a happy face. The plane was full but with only a few backpacking girls amongst the mostly middle aged passengers who were accompanied by quite a few small children.

Once at Jan Pawel II airport did I start see a huge group of Italian youngsters in red T-shirts waiting at their carousel. And then once out in arrivals youths, nuns, priests -and a group of Africans arrived with a bishop looking figure and Nuns..where was Patrick? Okay five minutes later he found me. And he takes my rucksack and directs me to the drop off area where his friend Artur is waiting in his open hooded car. They drove from Germany yesterday and it was Artur's mother's car.

'Father do you want to see the town first or go straight to the house'.

Sure I'd love to catch a glimpse of the town by night! We passed the stadium where the big opening mass will take place tomorrow. Seas and seas of empty benches with flags flying everywhere with the WYD logo on it. Patrick calls it the 'mercy' theme. These are devout young men. They are Poles who have grown up in Germany. They talk about the difficulty of sharing their faith with their peers in Germany who seem so indifferent to it all.

James D. Fanning mhm

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