Young Mill Hill Missionaries in East Africa Meet

Young Mill Hill Missionaries in East Africa Meet

Francis Makuba mhm

The East African young members had a meeting at Foyer de charité Centre in Namugongo Uganda from 26/9/17 to 30/9/17.  It was well attended and areas served by Mill Hill missionaries well represented. It was good seeing how enthusiastic young members are and how ready they are taking up the missionary challenge from our elder brothers.

We started with a recollection that focused on our missionary call. The facilitator, Fr. Paul Semakula AJ, asked us to keep the fire burning till the second coming of our Lord Jesus. We also had a talk on mission by Fr. Arsene Kabia M.Afr following which, young members had time to discuss the joy of engaging in the mission of Christ as well as being encouraged by sharing the challenges encountered in mission. Challenges ranging from poverty, language and culture to team work. The big message was for us to remember that the mission belongs to Christ.

We had another enriching talk from one of our own Fr. Philip Adede mhm who out of concern for us fellow young brothers and in his capacity as the society representative, helped us appreciate the value of team work in mission.  The group was energized by the presentation.

Then another young member, Fr. Francis Makuba, shared his experience of attending a seminar on marriage and family in May 2017. He encouraged fellow young members to take an interest in building up families for effective mission.

Of yet another immense value was the sharing of an older Mill Hill member, Fr Bernard Phelan mhm. No better choice could have been made as he has worked most of his life as a missionary in Uganda and has been society leader in the East African region in addition to his celebrating his Golden Jubilee as a missionary this year.

Looking towards the future the young members resolved to keep the mission of the society relevant in today’s world. It was indeed fulfilling to visit the Namugongo shrine and listen once again to the story of the young Ugandan martyrs who offered their lives for the gospel. What a wonderful time we had together!

Fr. Francis Makuba mhm

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