Youth Light

Youth Light

Fr James D. Fanning mhm

Patrick, Lukas, Michael and Alexander. You are members of Youth Light. What is this?

It is a movement started by a Polish priest called Francis Blachnicki in the 1950s. He started it in Katowice with the idea of renewing the Church taking as a model Christ the servant.

It contains all age groups but we are the Youth section. We all come from Carlsberg in Germany and meet there four times a year . We have a congress for two weeks every year.

We are young men and women. We began with about twenty but quickly became a hundred and had to subdivide into smaller groups. We felt the need of solidarity because of the loneliness we feel among our fellow youth who are not interested in Christianity. We go into parishes with the aim of enlivening them with different services, serving mass, choir, prayer groups etc.
Fr. James D. Fanning mhm

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